Owner and Head Cake Artist of Cassandra Cake Co

Hi there! My name is Cassandra and I am the owner at Cassandra Cake Co. I have been a cake artist for over 13 years (oh man that feels weird to say!) and have loved every minute of it. Cassandra Cake Co is a custom bakery specializing in bespoke cakes and desserts. From birthdays to weddings CCC will make your sweet dreams come true. 

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I have known I was a baker since a very young age. I consider myself very lucky to have found my passion so early on in life! It all started when I discovered the food network on my cable box tv I was allowed to have in my bedroom when I turned 7. From baking cupcakes with my grandma to watching my mom bake bread,  baking has always felt natural and something I was meant to do.


Finally after years of making messes in my mother's kitchen- she was determined to find me a creative outlet that would involve less dishes for her. She basically begged a local bakery to let her 11 year old daughter volunteer and wash dishes - thinking back to it now, I still can’t believe they said yes! 

Since then, I've worked in a handful of bakery’s as a cake artist before I decided to launch CCC. I always made cakes at home for friends and family as “Cassie Cakes” but made it official in May of 2020. It was a big jump but I haven’t looked back! 


If I am ever not baking I am probably doing some kind of craft, working on my next crazy idea, or kickboxing! Though cake truly does control my life.